Learn by contributing to Open-Source Software

So you want to be a software engineer...

You can only learn so much by going through tutorials. Get your hands dirty, learn the software engineering process, and contribute to Open-Source software.

Let's make OSS projects that are welcoming to everyone! Getting started as a software engineer is tough; let's make OSS a gateway.

Where do senior engineers come from?

Junior Engineers

Getting started as a software engineer is an intimidating, but worthwhile journey. Beyond doing tutorials and building your own personal projects, there's a lot more to software engineering. The best way is to learn by doing! Open-Source software not only allows us to build amazing things, but it allows us the opportunity to write software without having to be working for a software company.

Contribute to Open-Source projects in order to experience the software engineering process: identify a problem, communicate the problem, work on a solution, get feedback on the solution, and experience the satisfaction of having your code benefit a piece of software with users!

Open-Source software maintainers: just like companies benefit by hiring and training junior developers, you will benefit from including junior developers in your OSS project. Help people learn your codebase and how you operate, and they will put in the work to help achieve goals.

Where do I get started?

I am learning how to code! I maintain an Open-Source project! I am a teacher!

Future Professional Software Engineers

Getting started in OSS can be tricky. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you.

This is what we're bringing to you:

  • Instructions for how to make Open-Source contributions
  • Open-Source projects designed specifically to be learning tools
  • Mentors with experience in OSS
  • Open-Source projects that are well-documented with a carefully-structured workflow
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Maintainers of OSS

You most likely do this in addition to your full-time job. You love this project, but hate the way people expect everything immediately from your software that they're not paying for. Let's get you a workflow that benefits everyone.

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This is what we're bringing to you:

  • Templates for an easy-to-pickup workflow
  • Help making sure your documentation covers everything necessary
  • Instructions setting up Github issue templates and linting
  • Your project on a curated, distributed list of good-for-all-skill-levels OSS

Can your students be software engineers in the classroom?

Find classroom materials for Open-Source projects for students, get an Open-Source project template designed for students,

This is what we're bringing to you:

  • Instructional materials for students to get started
  • A template for a beginner-friendly repository that you can set up
  • A list of OSS projects that are good for student contribution
  • A lesson plan for teaching software engineering through OSS
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Will you help make OSS a welcoming place?